Cosmological Natural Selection in an Inflationary Multiverse and the Function of Biological Life

In the beginning, there was a singularity. About 13.8 billion years ago, all the matter and energy that comprise our universe was condensed together in an infinitely small dense point before exploding out in the big bang. This is how many astrophysics would begin the story of our cosmic genesis. While few scientists dispute the big bang theory of our universe’s birth, there is a growing faction that say the dawn of existence pre-dates this event. This camp of astrophysicists includes accomplished scientists such as Steven Hawking…

Leave No Trace is a set of outdoor ethics guidelines established in the 1960’s, but these principles will still apply in the 2060’s when we’re Space Camping on Mars.

Analog collage art by Stephanie Wiegel and Tyler Kaschke

As we’ve already established — Outer space is outside, too. You know what that means? All the principles of conservation we employ here on Earth still apply in outer space. If you’re not already familiar, Leave No Trace is a set of seven outdoor ethics that promote conservation. The seven tenants were drafted and adopted by the newly formed outdoor community in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Almost 50 years later, it’s now time to discuss how Leave No Trace principles apply to Space Camping.

1. Plan ahead and prepare

At the moment, it’s difficult for some government space agencies like…

There are mountains to climb, powdery ice fields to ski, and deep crevices for canyoneering. All the stuff we do on earth like mountain biking, slacklining, rock climbing, and hiking…. Yep. We can do that in space, too.

Analog collage art by Stevie Wiegel and Tyler Kaschke.

Outer Space is Outside, too. You don’t need to look any further than our neighboring celestial bodies — the Moon and Mars — to see this truth. There are mountains to climb, powdery ice fields to ski, and deep crevices for canyoneering. All the stuff we do on Earth like mountain biking, slacklining, rock climbing, and hiking…. Yep. We can do that in space, too. Of course we’ll need some specialized gear and a few wealthy patrons interested in outdoor sports, but that’s not the point of this post. …

Space tourism is paving the way for lunar mountaineering, martian mountain biking, and hiking terraformed trails. Here are the companies leading us to the high frontier.

Hand-cut collage art by Stevie Wiegel and Tyler Kaschke

As an outdoor enthusiast, you’ve probably visited some popular outdoor tourist locations. Maybe you’ve hiked along Havasupia Falls, mountain biked Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab, or climbed some of the big walls at Yosemite. These are world-class outdoor destinations and they’re pretty great, but imagine doing those same activities IN OUTER SPACE.

One day we might have famous mountain biking trails on Mars, big walls to climb on the moon, and terraformed hiking trails…

The founders of Patagonia, SpaceX, Apple, and Southwest Airlines all use principles related to entropy in their daily lives.

Have you ever wondered why Steve jobs always wore the same black turtle neck? Or why the founder of southwest airlines, Herb Kelleher, eats the same cheese and crackers every single morning? The reason these successful entrepreneurs simplify their everyday decisions could be due to the same reason a cloud of smoke swirls and dissipates in the air or why the universe is expanding — It could be because of entropy.

We don’t need to get into physics jargon to understand entropy. Entropy stems from a natural law dictating that disorder always increases; the only way to stop it is…

Linking Innovators with Industry

DIYbio, or Do It Yourself Biology is about the democratization of science and ideas. Aliases for DIYbio include “Bedroom Biology” and “Biohacking”. The names all get at the same thing — DIYbio is a global citizen science movement utilizing biology and engineering tools.

Ready to snap on a pair of purple nitrile gloves and start pipetting? Well, this movement isn’t as individual as the alias “Bedroom Biology” implies. The pipette alone will run you around $400 and that’s not even the fancy stuff. If you’re like me, about all you have the resources to do on your own is this:

Tubular glass house wrapping around a tree by Aibek Almassov (image source)

Envision a cabin the woods. Maybe you’re seeing a Walden-esque cabin — overlooking a lake and nestled in a forest of pines. If you look closer, there are some antlers hung just below the A-framed rafters and a fireplace accompanied by a stack of freshly chopped wood. This rustic image stands in stark contrast to the idea of modernity. Present-day modernity is thought to exist mostly in the city where there’s an abundance of art, culture, and technology. But our definition of modern life is transitioning. The cabin described in Walden (circa 1854) doesn’t have wifi or renewable energy and…

Stevie Kaschke

Stevie Kaschke is the author of The Entropic Philosophy. She writes about science and philosophy.

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